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We are welcoming families or individuals to join us this year. We will provide a box of fresh certified organic vegetables on a weekly basis starting around the end of June for 15 weeks. Amounts and types of produce will vary with the seasons. Each product has its own window of time. Plan to cook what is in the box. We aim to supply enough vegetables for a family of four, that is four people sharing the same meal. We will determine some pick up locations in the city. On the farm pick ups are 16km west of Winnipeg on Hwy #26. Farm pick ups are Thursdays. The city pick ups change from year to year according to numbers and locations of share members. Days will be determined.

Our Philosophy

Shared farming is about community. We enjoy knowing the people who appreciate wholesome, organic food. Working together as producers and consumers allows all of us to be part of the food production process, sharing in the bounty which the garden provides but also in the risk we take working with Mother Nature. Sharing the risks enables us to continue growing good food for you. No matter what the garden provides, you will always receive a fair share of the harvest. Our best workers are chickens. They scratch, till, fertilize and provide egg-stra benefits.

Ask Us About Eggs!

Inside the chicken tractor.


Planning and seed purchasing starts in December. We need to determine our crop rotation, the amount of seed to plant, our drop off areas for the next year and how many shareholders we can accommodate. We start our long season plants in the greenhouse no later than March so our cut off date for membership has to be the beginning of April. Please sign up early so we can plant enough for everyone. We welcome anyone wishing to come out to help or just to visit.

Please call first. (204) 864-3083.

To join please print the form to the right and
mail it with your money to:

Blue Lagoon Organics
781 Hwy 26
St. Francois Xavier, MB
R4L 1A2